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Roll Die

“Your dies aren’t dead! Let us give them a second life.”


Rolled form threads have many benefits such as reduced production time, more durable threads, and less frequent tooling changes which all result in a higher quality product, lower production cost and inevitably increased profit.

When manufacturing high volumes of threaded components lean manufacturing is crucial to reduce the cost per piece that even the smallest of a cost savings during production can yield an immense cost savings over long or high production run. Although there are many benefits associated with rolling threads the cost of the dies are a large expense which cannot be avoided yet, there are processes that can increase the yield of parts produced with a single set of dies.

Through our proprietary reconditioning processes we are able to double the longevity and output which can be produced with a single set of dies before they are scrapped. Our customers of the roll die reconditioning services have been very pleased by the quality, quick turnaround, increased strength and immense cost savings that have resulted from our services.

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